Spartans Make a Splash

Posted on December 19, 2012


water poloThe Lady Spartans water polo team beat Pennridge High School on October 4th in an exciting game! This game qualified the girls for Conferences,  something never done by the Lady Spartans. If the girls win in conferences, they will qualify for States. The game was tense with a close 8-7 finish, the Spartans won, thanks to the amazing team work of the girls as well as the help of coach Bill Hence. Pennridge was not expecting this shocking defeat.
The girls were convinced they would have trouble this season when they found out that the high school pool would not be fixed by the start of their season, forcing the team to practice at Cheltenham High School, but increasing their desire to win. The first game at Pennridge was, sadly, a loss,  but this just gave the girls even more desire to win. In fact, senior caption, Mariel Mancini, claimed, “Having a chance to play Pennridge again gave us time to evolve as a team. We’ve definitely become more experienced and better at communicating with our team since then”. The team described the game as “very exciting” and said that they definitely “took [Pennridge] by surprise.”

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