Young Voice Battles Taliban Gender Oppresion

Posted on December 17, 2012


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Although only an 8th grader, Malala Yousafzai’s name is now known around the world.  Yousafazai lives in northwest Swat Valley, an area where the Taliban bans all girls from attending school. Since age 11, Yousafzai has been apart of the struggle for girl’s education in Pakistan. She has spoken out about the Taliban, using the penname  ‘Gul Makai,’ to write about how the ban on girl’s education has affected herself and other youth. Yousafzai’s activism made her the target of a Taliban gunman, who boarded the van in which she and two other girls were traveling home from school. The man asked for Malala by name and then shot her three times, in the head.

Malala survived and has been in medical treatment since the October 9th attack. Malala was airlifted to England to receive the best possible treatment for her injuries and to protect her from any other attempts on her life as the Taliban have threatened to attack her again. Even with the student facing significant injuries, doctors are optimistic about her progress.

Malala was lucky that despite being shot at point blank range, the bullet appears to have missed important parts of her brain. Had the bullet entered centimeters away she would have died. Instead, Malala is able to communicate by writing, can now stand with help, and reportedly asked what country she was in when she awoke from her medically induced coma.

Vigils have been held around the world for Malala. She has become a hero and an icon for many Pakistanis who oppose the Taliban. Her desire for education and equal rights has resonated with many people worldwide.

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