Spartans Find Inspiration in Unlikely Source

Posted on December 6, 2012


Sports | Adam Hockenberry

footballThe week of October the 8th was grueling for the entire township, for apparent reasons. The school was licking its fresh wounds of loss and at the best time, an act of pride and honor came out of the rubble. On Friday, like many weeks before, the somber football team, of which I am a proud member, strapped on their helmets and faced the Suburban One task of winning against the Norristown Eagles. Our Spartans, who were at a 3-3 record at the time, needed a win regardless of the circumstances. But, the previous events of the week only stoked our fire further. The game began with many intense and teary eyed players and huge roars from the crowd. It was evident that this was more than a game. With the valiant effort of the Spartan Defense, we shut the Eagles down in their first drive, and Senior Captain Phil Ianozi recovered a blocked punt in the end-zone, putting us up to an early 6-0 lead.

At halftime, we were clinging to a 12-0 lead, which Senior Captain, Billy Dahm, expanded by blocking and recovering another punt block touchdown. But, it was apparent that the momentum was on the brink of shifting. As suspected, after the halftime homecoming celebrations, the tides began to turn and the Eagles came out with a score early in the half. After shutting them out for the rest of the third quarter, we needed a response. Mike Johnston, a sophomore player on the team, looked up at just the right time, happened to see a shooting star, and showed me. I thought to myself, this means something. And indeed, there was some magic in the air. The Spartans were driving on the Eagles and got them down to their own fifteen yard line. I heard the football team’s Head Coach Chris Shelly yell, “DOUBLE TIGHT! DOUBLE TIGHT!”, meaning that Senior Chase Luxton was to enter the game.

We snapped the ball. Quarterback Chris Stone rolled to his left and searched for a receiver to hit. Luxton, who was nearing the goal line, observed a break in the defense and put his hand up for the pass. He caught the ball at about the four yard-line and fought his way into the end-zone. Touchdown Spartans! The stadium erupted in cheer and Luxton returned to the sidelines. This inspiring thing was really happening in front of our eyes. The pride among the student body and people in the community was and continues to be stronger than I have ever witnessed it. The jubilant Spartans won the contest 18-6 and helped heal a community. Now more than ever, we are Spartan Proud.

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