Blu Club Takes Springfield By Storm

Posted on November 7, 2012


A new school club has formed in Springfield. Stemming from an idea originally brought forward by the middle school, is the Blu Cru. The role of the Blu Cru is to promote school spirit in forms of pride, community involvement, and team support. Led by Mrs. McCaslin, the group wants everyone to “be proud of your school and really come together to look back on the whole high school experience”. One role of the Blu Cru is to encourage and cheer on all the sports teams in Springfield and to “be a good fan”. Students can encourage other students to become more involved in after school activities and special “spirit days” in the school. Events hosted by the Blu Cru (such as the tailgate on October 12) focus on gathering more and more community members to sports games, fundraisers, and dances. That being said, the Blu Cru never fundraises. Involvement of the students and faculty is the main goal.

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