We Aren’t In Antarctica Anymore, Spartacus

Posted on April 2, 2012


News | Christina Manero

The school board made a very important decision at their March meeting.  As the matter came to a vote, you could hear a pin drop in the room.  Every community member present leaned forward on their blue folding chair, which creaked in perfect unison.  As each board member casted their vote, each audience member reacted with a nod or adamant shake of the head.  Despite opposition from certain members, the motion passed with a margin of six to three.
This decision will quite literally change the face of our school.  It seeks to evoke school pride in our own student body and change the light in which other schools view us.  The school board has decided to change the mascot of our fine district.  Instead of the penguin we now see emblazoned on the sweatshirts, T-shirts, handbook, parking passes and nearly every other object in the school, there will soon be a fierce and imposing Spartan.
The change was proposed at the beginning of the school year when a large group of parents, students and other community members expressed some concerns.  Reportedly, this group felt that the penguin did not appropriately depict the fierceness that good mascots should “The point of a school mascot, to a certain extent, is to intimidate the other team,” explained a representative of the opposition group who wished to remain anonymous. “The ‘Springfield Penguins’ isn’t intimidating, it’s silly.”
The school board explained their decision as, “A simple measure that will hopefully build pride in our schools.  If our schools have a mascot we like and feel is appropriate, we can all get behind it.”
As it would turn out, the Springfield mascot was a spartan not so long ago.  The change from spartan to penguin occurred when a different, but apparently smaller, group of concerned community members expressed alarm regarding the light the spartan cast upon the school district.  According to reports, this group felt the spartan was too intense for a high school sports team.  They felt that it gave implicit support to warlike behaviors, and campaigned for its removal from all school paraphernalia.  The group also suggested the current Penguin, explaining that it demostrates the determination and resolve of Springfield’s students.
Now, a few years down the road with some different school board members, the spartan is going to cover our school once again.  It will be interesting to see community reaction to the change, for there is no denying the fact that a mascot can define a school.

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