Youth And Government Club to go to Pre-Legislative Session Next Month

Posted on February 7, 2012


News | Sarah Demarest

“Spring!”  “Field!”
The chant, the first half squealed by girls, the second half growled by boys in a mockingly-deep tone, drew stares from all around as the 30-some students exited the bus.  Teenagers milled around Palmyra High School in business attire, hanging campaign posters and forcing candy into the hands of potential voters.  The “Spring!” “Field!” chant was repeated more then a few times before the event was over.  “I love Springfield,”  laughed a candidate from another delegation. “You guys always know how to make things funny.”
The event I’m describing above is none other then the Eastern PA Elections Convention, a Youth and Government event in which all delegations from the eastern half of the state come together to vote on positions including Committee Chair, Speaker of the House, and Supreme Court Justice.  This convention is one of three that Springfield YAG-ers will attend this year, the next one being Pre-Legislative Convention (or Pre-Leg for short) in Feburary.  Although Pre-Leg is notoriously known as being the most boring of the conventions, Springfield Delegate Lauren McCuen said that she’s “excited.  I’ve heard that they’re making a lot of changes this year to make it more interesting.”  McCuen also added that she thinks the new management will be helpful in “taking things up a notch.”
Pre-Leg is also the convention where delegates get a chance to really know their gubernatorial candidates, one of whom is Springfield’s own Speaker of the House Erin Agnew.  During the convention, Agnew will participate in a forum with the other candidates where delegates ask questions and state their concerns for the program.  Agnew says she is “working hard” on the campaign.  Her response when asked about her competition so far, fellow eastern candidate Nathaniel Grover? “He is invested in the program,”  she answered, still maintaining her signature smile.
With less than two months until Pre-Leg, students are working hard on their bills, the best of which will be debated on the PA House of Representatives floor in May.  “I can’t wait for Pre-Leg, mostly so I can perfect my bill,” says Jordan Shuster.  “I’m already counting the days.”

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