Suspension Weigh-In

Posted on February 7, 2012


Sports | MJ Moyer-Fittipaldi

Most students have heard about Tim Tebow, the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, a role model, and a respectable man. They are also informed about “Tebowing” which is the stance he uses as a celebratory action when he scores a touchdown. By taking a knee and resting his elbow on it and his head on his fist he symbolically shows his faith to his teammates, opponents, and thousands of spectators. Now, if we rewind to December 14, two students in New York came forward about a one-day suspension for Tebowing in the hallway. They would do it periodically over a couple weeks and at most 40 students would join in.  Their administrators failed to give them any warning before calling them to the office where they told them about the suspension.
Now, the students at Riverhead High School were not using it as a moment of silence to pray as Tebow does, but more of a tribute to their idol. The school claims that they were preventing students from getting to class, when the students  all made it to class on time. The school also claims that the action was a fire hazard. There were four students as so-called “ringleaders”. They were not warned prior to the suspension. Yet only two students were suspended. If the administration at that school were to give a punishment they should give it equally and fairly.

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