“Break The Spell” Rocks Daughtry’s Image

Posted on February 7, 2012


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On November 21, Daughtry’s album, named Break The Spell, ‘broke’ out of their studio. Their third album is described by Chris Daughtry, their lead singer as, “more upbeat and positive lyrically.” It is indeed different than their previous albums Daughtry and Leave This Town. With 12 tracks they sing and play to you, the album should impress even old and loyal Daughtry fans.
Their first track, “Renegade,” brings the album to an excellent start. This song is about two people attempting to break out of a town. This track stands out. With a fast beat and killer vocals, this intro to Break The Spell is promising. A renegade, or a rebel, is going losing his mind in this song. Lyrically, it is nothing like other tracks on the album, but it gets better and better.
Another track, “Outta My Head,” is a track quite different from the rest of the album.  Daughtry sings about a clingy person, one close to losing his mental stability. He can’t get a girl out of his head, and sings, “You woulda slipped my mind/ But the kind of love sent from above/ Is the killing kind.” This track, with its consistent and constant drumming, along with the lyrics, although repetitive, is enjoyable. Lots of the tracks have relatable or realistic lyrics, which may be why fans like tracks of Break The Spell.
Their fifth track, “Crazy,” starts off with a depressing intro and somber first verse. Lyrically, this song is one of the most negative and sad. The narrator of the song is amazed his lover is still around, and feels she would not be, “Crazy for leaving/ Just crazy for stayin’ so long/ I’m amazed you’re still breathing/ Amazed you can feel at all/ For all the pain I’ve caused ya.”  He’s shocked she won’t leave him, despite all the pain. She can still feel, and she is still alive. Compared to other songs by Daughtry, this is a very dark track.  It is probably one of the darkest and saddest on the album; however, this album proves that new things can come off successfully.
A different track, “We’re Not Gonna Fall,” describes two people that receive push-back from everything in their “world.” They face all the struggles, but they don’t break. This track is slower than the other tracks, and it is softer as well. Not many albums have these different kinds of songs. Though it seems to be cliché to make a song about not backing down or failing, this song handles the subject mattter quite differently. This song, with a different presentation of something already done, makes you want to listen.
Another track, “Losing My Mind,” is similar to  “We’re Not Gonna Fall.” The story of the song is about someone that has met an individual who is making him crazy. You could assume it is some girl the person in the song has just met on a train ride. The first line says, “Never thought a train goin’ any place.” But unlike other tracks on the album, this is something different.
One of the last tracks of Break The Spell, “Louder Than Ever,” is quite a good beginning to the end of this album. In fact, this is my favorite track of this album. This song is quite slow, like some of the other tracks, but it gets fast in the chorus and end of the song. The narrator is reminiscing about his fun and awesome past joyriding with another person. It speaks to him louder than ever as it fades away. The person feels it all, and wants to listen to it again. This song appeals to many because they would want to experience something like this too.
All in all, this album is excellent. Old Daughtry fans will still like this new style. This band has taken revolutionary steps in “rockin up” their music. They have taken a new direction in their music, while not driving away old fans. I would recommend this album to any rock fan, Daughtry fan, and anyone that wants to hear new music from the end of 2011!

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