Poll: Is Grinding Appropriate for School Dances?

Posted on November 1, 2011


Grind Away, Kids!

Editorial | James Miller

Generational differences are as inevitable as they are controversial, but as this is a student paper, I feel that it is my obligation to defend our youthful culture, which includes our music, our language, and our suggestive dancing. However, when fighting for these things, one must start at the base of the problem and work one’s way up, so when arguing for the right to dance suggestively, we must begin with our right to express ourselves.
Let me briefly take you back to a time called the 50’s. Rock and Roll was in full swing to the dismay of just about everyone over the age of 45, but it still took over the charts, as well as the dance floor. The energy of this movement overcame the burning of records and banned radio stations, and it didn’t die until ’59.
“But what does this have to do with our generation?” you may ask, with your Megadeth T-shirt on and dubstep playing in your headphones. “You poor, innocent stereotype,” I respond with an air of superiority. “Do you know what happened to all of those kids who loved that Rock n’ Roll? They tried to stop Disco! And do you know what happened to all of those kids who stood up with one voice and defended the BeeGee’s to the end? They got a job at a public school, and started to judge you for your music taste.” But it doesn’t stop there. Everything from modern art, to film, to television, to technology, to clothing, to dance styles, will all change, for better or worse, and there will always be old people there to stop them.
It’s a vicious cycle and there’s no end in sight, and that’s the sad truth, but the least we could do for now is stand up for something. So grind away, my friends, grind to your heart’s content! But before the sports cars turn to minivans, the technology gets too complicated, and the music kids listen to these days is just too loud, remember that you were there too, rubbing feverishly all over some scared looking freshmen as Ke$ha played in the background, thinking about how stupid old people are, and how far away the future was.

Keep It Private

Editorials | Ben Vizzachero

Mommy, why are those dogs… hugging?”
As a small child, I was put in the awkward situation of witnessing an attempt of canine procreation before I could have possibly been expected to understand it. I never forgot the look of those two German Shepherds… those glassy, distant eyes, their mouths agape and panting, doing what millions of years of evolution had taught them to do for reasons they aren’t capable of understanding.
Many years later, I was struck with the same feeling at nowhere other than Prom 2011. In this catacomb of loud hip-hop, flashing lights, and cheap sunglasses, I saw my peers devolve millions of years not by evolutionary drives, but by societal ones. That poor girl’s glassy-eyed stare into the distance as her date carried on arhythmically behind her, his unapologetic smile revealing that same joy I saw in the eyes of that German Shepherd so many years ago.
An entire room full of such sights was no more pleasing. I thought of the hundreds of dollars of dresses being rubbed against the sweat-soaked rented tuxedo pants of male compatriots. I thought of the teachers who would have to face these same students that Monday. They would have to look them in the eye and answer questions about Physics, English, Spanish, and other subjects. And I thought of myself… would I be looked down upon for not participating in this spectacle of hormones and hedonism?
But my self-righteousness won’t ever amount to anything but my own defamation, and as much as I criticize the act of “grinding,” I have to be honest with myself. Students have a right to dance however they please, regardless of the setting or their company. I can call it indecent, shameful, and gross all day long, but what I’m saying boils down to a simple plea. Please don’t grind. Don’t do it for me, the peer, who doesn’t want to see my friends and peers reduced to the levels of animalistic crudeness. Don’t do it for the teachers, who want to maintain their images of us as innocent kids, as unrealistic as they may be. Don’t do it for the DJ, a man only trying to make a living, not trying to be accused of inciting sexuality amongst teenagers. Don’t do it for the host, who doesn’t want to have to see their noble institution used for such debauchery.
Instead, do us the favor of retaining your privacy. In a world where teenagers fight so hard to keep space between themselves and their nosy parents, where more and more security cameras are constantly installed, and where school rules become more and more intrusive and presumptuous, make use of the privacy you have left. The dance floor is no place for intimacy. So please, whether it be for your peers, your teachers, your entertainers, or yourself, retain your disclosure, and retain your humanity.


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