Youth And Government Rocks!

Posted on October 17, 2011


Features | Christina Manero

The Chronicle sat down to talk with Michelle Adamson, a member of Springfield’s Youth and Government (YAG) club.

Chronicle: What’s YAG all about?
MA: YAG is about finding things you are passionate about and putting your beliefs into action.

Chronicle: What do you do in YAG meetings?
MA: In the beginning of the year we debate current events. As the year goes on, we write bills on topics ranging from education to health issues.

Chronicle: What do you do with the bills once they are written?
MA: Well, every bill is debated during a YAG meeting. Then they are debated at Pre-Legislative. The feedback from these debates helps improve our bills. Then, at the end of the year we go to Model. It is in Harrisburg, in the capitol building. Each branch of government is represented; there are justices and lawyers, a House of Representatives and a Senate, a Governor, and an Administration.

Chronicle: What exactly do you do in Harrisburg?
MA: Last year I was in Health and Humanities Committee, and we debated bills about various health topics. There are two committee chairs in each committee that are in charge of procedures. If the bill gets past committee, it has a chance to be debated in the House or Senate. Then, if it gets past both the House and Senate, the Governor either approves or vetoes the bill.

Chronicle: What is your favorite thing about YAG?
MA: My favorite thing about YAG is going to Model and meeting new people while learning how the government works.

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