Same School, Same Spirit, New Schedule

Posted on October 17, 2011


Features | Lauren Mc Cuen

Homecoming Week is a longstanding tradition that students know and love. It is a week to celebrate the fun things our school has to offer; and a wonderful opportunity to revel in your Spartan pride. We mark this exciting week with fun activities that bring the school population together to fully appreciate our bond as Springfield Township High School students. Many students have become accustomed to having the same schedule of homecoming events year after year. In years past we have followed a Friday/Saturday schedule with the bonfire on Friday night, and the football game and dance on Saturday. The Saturday morning tailgate has also been a staple for the last  three years.
However, as this year’s Homecoming Week approaches, students will notice that changes have been made. This year, our homecoming celebration will kick off on Thursday with the much-loved bonfire. The bonfire will be put on by the Athletic Department rather than Student Council, which previously ran the event. However, the bonfire will still feature a large fire and music from the school’s Pep Band.
Arguably, the most significant changes to homecoming this year are the home games happening throughout the weekend. The football game will be held a day earlier, on Friday rather than Saturday. Traditionally, the homecoming tailgate has been the only event prior to the football game on Saturday. As the football game is now on Friday, the tailgate actually falls after the football game.  While this may seem illogical at first glance,  school sports fans will be pleased to know that the homecoming football game will not be the only home game during the weekend. During the tailgate, the field hockey team and the boys and girls soccer teams will have games. These games will add excitement to the already fun tailgate.
What students may be surprised to hear is that this new schedule is not actually new at all. The previous schedule that returning students will remember has only been in place for the last five years. Before this, the schedule of events mimicked this year’s schedule. Some teachers or older siblings of current students may remember a time when we followed the Thursday-through-Saturday timetable to which we are now returning.
Of course, Homecoming Week would not be complete without the much anticipated dance. As always, this event will be the exciting ending to a week of celebration and Spartan pride. We can only hope that students will be celebrating several Spartan sports victories before the weekend is through.

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