Game “Gears” Up Video Game Players After Awesome Release

Posted on October 17, 2011


Dan Foster | Entertainment

Epic Games has made plenty of AAA titles over the past decade, but its biggest achievement is the Gears of War series, one of the most successful intellectual properties of this generation. When the first Gears of War came out, it was the pinnacle of what could be done on the Xbox 360.  Six years later, Gears of War 3 outshines its predecessors in just about every way.
The game follows humanity making its last stand against the grotesque “Locust” horde, while dealing with a new threat known as the “Lambent”.  With this being Epic’s last Gears game, the pressure was on for the company to top previous installments in the series.  After having played the campaign and seen all the content, I can confidently say they made their best game yet.
Things in Gears are much darker than they were before, and the story gets more entertaining and engaging as each checkpoint passes by.  You play as Marcus Fenix, Dom, and the rest of Delta Squad, including some new female characters, such as Anya.  The campaign is long, but gives enough set pieces and variety in objectives to keep things from feeling stale.  One moment, you will be holding a fort from a “Locust” attack, and moments later you are manning a turret, defending your allies as they set a bomb.
Without giving anything away, the campaign answers plenty of questions that arose throughout the series.  In my opinion, I believe that knowing little about it is the best way to go in.  We can now play with up to three friends, who compete against each other in the new arcade mode.  The amount of content that you get in the single-player campaign justifies the $60 price on its own, but there is plenty more in the package.
On the multiplayer front, Gears is brewing with content, giving players a new version of Horde, Beast Mode, and a more refined competitive experience.  Much like Halo: Reach, players rank up in all of the modes, giving them a chance to unlock new skins and characters to use online.  The ranking system is much more robust than the previous installment, due to the added challenges and awards that can be acquired through constant play.
The game is much more balanced, and gives new players to the series tutorials and hints at how to mow down their opponents. In my experience online with Gears 2, the weapons were unbalanced and the overall experience felt like it was lacking polish.  That isn’t the case in Gears 3, which feels more fine tuned and the weapons never feel like they are overpowered.
Gears 3 also include a new Horde Mode that offers new strategic options, such as building defenses.  The issue with the last game’s Horde was that it got boring because each wave of enemies was similar.  In the newest installment, every wave is different, with the final wave consisting of a boss enemy.  Boss encounters are by far one of the most entertaining and fun parts of Horde, requiring you to be quick on your feet and to work with teammates to advance to the next set.
Horde now has a new variant called Beast Mode, which allows players to play as their favorite Locust enemies. This new mode is loads of fun, and is much shorter than Horde, giving the player a short but sweet experience that can be beat in one sitting.
Gears of War 3 is a monster of a game, giving players more bang for their buck than any other game released this year.  Although I didn’t touch too much on the single player campaign, rest assured that you will be experiencing the best Gears of War campaign yet.  It is an emotional, dark, and satisfying conclusion that rivals that of a summer blockbuster.  You have a long co-operative campaign, Horde Mode, Versus, and a new Beast Mode that gives players more incentive to hold on to their copies.
With more content on the way, and plenty already on the disc, it is hard not to recommend Gears to any Xbox 360 owner who is looking for something that will not only give them a run for their money, but also have them see the epic conclusion to one of the best game series of this generation.

10 out of 10

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