Students Promote Extracurriculars

Posted on September 23, 2011


From left to right: Mara Kelly, Megan Smith, Kristen O'Connell

From left to right: Calvin Speight, Tim Vincent, Jared Krugman, Bill Smith

Senior Jesse Fallon talks to German Exchange Student Jan Otto about Model OAS

Jelli Vezzosi and Dan MacFarland show off the Thespian Booth


Leena Pang uses her creativity to paint the paper at the Set Design booth


Sarah Demerest and Lana Calhoun pose by the Book Club table


The YAG rock (name TBD)


Mr. Arner and the Spartan Mascot read some Chronicles!


Lumpy the Camel from the Set Design table


The banner at Alex's Lemonade Stand

Freshmen Adi Alosa and Christine Fariss check out some high school activities

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