Sports Editor Sits Down with Football Stars

Posted on September 23, 2011


At the activities fair, MJ Moyer-Fittipaldi pulled aside Football captains Justin Peyton and Max Vido to talk about the intense game scheduled for Saturday. The New Hope Lions take on our Spartans at 7:00 pm in our stadium! Both teams have a record of 3-0, so the game should be exciting. These are Peyton and Vido’s views on the game.

MJ: Do you guys have any views on Saturday’s game?
JP: Mostly, were going to keep doing what we’ve been doing for the past two weeks. (Winning 3-0) Our defense is strong and we want to pressure the ball for turnovers and score…a lot.”
MV: “This game is going to be a challenge because this is the first team we’ve played with a winning record. so it’ll test how good we really are”

MJ: Do you guys have a strategies?
MV: “We have to shut down their high-powered offense”
MJ: What are you goals for the season?
JP: “We want to make it to state playoffs, and be the first team to win. We practice how we play, since we practice hard we’ll play hard.”

Peyton and Vido, football stars

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