A Tribute to James Taylor

Posted on September 8, 2011


Opening by Mrs. Kristin Ward

James Taylor sang loudly and with conviction during his life. He graced all with his inspired tones as he performed with church choirs throughout the area. Yet it is off the stage that James’ voice rang loudest. He courageously spoke against injustice and questioned misguided authority. He boldly reprimanded bullies and compassionately provided support to those in need. James acted confidently and with poise as he asserted himself, for his integrity and faith guided all he did. James’ beliefs? His love of family, loyalty to friends, devotion to students, and faith in God. While not everyone shares the same faith, those of us blessed to have James as a friend and mentor learned from him that we each have a voice, and the responsibility to use it with integrity and conviction. Natalie Lewis read her poem, “A Tribute to James Taylor” at James’ service. In her poem, Mrs. Lewis reflects on their shared faith in God. As you read, consider the passions, beliefs, and memories that you shared with James Taylor.

Photo by Zac Endter

Your life on earth was just a test
For God to see if you would do your best
To be kind to your fellow man
For all good things, would you take a stand?

You’ve passed the test
You proved him right
For all good things you were willing to fight
You sang out loud and praised His name
You encouraged others to do the same

He promised to be with you through thick and thin
He held you up until the end
God touched your soul and set you free
Provided a place for you for eternity

God shared you with us for these few years
He will comfort us through our sorrows and tears
The memories of you are here to stay
You let go and let God do it His way

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