Top Ten Nine Ways to Improve the Springfield High School Experience

Posted on June 16, 2011


Rafiat Kasumu / Features

With high school graduation around the corner, the seniors of STHS are anticipating their next step in life. This is a time to celebrate our accomplishments but it is also a time to look back at our Springfield experience and evaluate how we used our time within these school walls. And with this, questions run through our minds: Did we make the best of our high school experience? Are there aspects of our school we would want changed for later generations so that their high school experience could be even better than ours? Here is a brainstormed list by current seniors that summarize some of the changes they would make to improve the overall Springfield experience.

  1. Lunches outside – Having the option of eating lunch outside would be an amazing opportunity for high school students.  It would allow student to take time out of their stressful, work-congested days to relax and interact with their friends. This activity would relieve students of the anxiety of the morning, and then energize them for afternoon classes.
  2. iPads used in classes – With the surge of new technology in the world today, it is only natural to want the latest technology in our classrooms. The iPad has several applications that could be used to enhance our educational experience.  For example, there are applications for the iPad that allow students to use 3D graphing calculators, read iBooks, practice languages, type Microsoft Word documents, and even read facts about each of the presidents. In addition, there are also applications that give quiz students in math, history, and even SAT questions. These applications would allow students to learn in an interactive way.
  3. Required community service– Although many school districts in the area require a certain amount of community service to graduate, STHS does not. Many members of the Springfield community already volunteer, but if a graduation requirement were created, all students would have to participate. Community service would teach students their civic responsibilities and develop skills in students that will assist them throughout lives.
  4. Apple laptops available for all students – Apple is the company everyone is talking about. If the school district converted their Computers on Wheels to Mac laptops, then every student’s high school experience would become better. These computers rarely get viruses; work at a better speed then Windows. All of the creative projects students complete in school would be made easier through the use of various applications such as Garage Band.
  5. More time in between classes – The benefits of having more time in between classes can go unspoken. For one, students would actually have enough time to get to our next class which just so happens to be at the opposite side to the high school. Another reason this change could be beneficial is that students will have more time to socialize with each other. This small change could eventually strengthen the present student bonds at our high school.
  6. Lunches with the principal – Remember when elementary school students who were “Stars of the Week” could have lunch with the principal? Why did this ever stop? Eating with the principal once a month would be a great way for students to ask directly for changes in their school.  It would also prove a wonderful opportunity for students to interact with a faculty member on a different level, overall improving their high school experience.
  7. Mentor program with elementary school students – High school and elementary school students would derive so many benefits from the school district initiating a mentor program between the two schools. Once high school students reach a certain grade level they could be assigned to one elementary school student and act as a mentor or Pen Pal to them. High school students would learn leadership and mentoring skills while the elementary school students benefit from the mentoring.
  8. More dances – It is safe to say that the only big dances we have in our high school are Prom and Homecoming, but why can’t we have more? I think that if the high school started planning more dances, then the school spirit within our high school would generally increase. This change could improve the Springfield experience for every single student.
  9. More spirit activities – Current movies in theaters paint high school as a place teeming with school spirit. This is generally what our school lacks. During this past year we had activities such as pep rallies, the Lip Dub, and the Coffee House that highlighted student’s accomplishments and talents while increasing school spirit. More activities, such as these, should continue for later generations so that their high school experience could be just as fun as ours.
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