Springfield Unplugged

Posted on March 2, 2011


Coffee, music, and fun were all in abundance at “Springfield Unplugged”, student counsels’ winter coffee house. The event took place on February 8th in the Jay Freeze lobby, where the bare halls were transformed into a fun Valentine’s Day café which served as the perfect setting for the night of music and fun.

“‘Springfield Unplugged’ was intended to heighten a sense of school spirit and unity amongst the student body by bringing everyone together at an otherwise dreary time of year,” says senior Lina Sorg. The student counsel co-president also added that the event “serves as an opportunity for students to showcase their individual talents and provides a comfortable and lighthearted atmosphere to unwind and just enjoy time spent with peers.”

The performers brought those positive vibes to life into the room’s sophisticated decor. “It’s an opportunity for those who love to perform to showcase their talents and entertain their fellow students and faculty. That’s why I wanted to be in it,” says performer Kelly Maguire. Other members of the set list included Katie Brong, Madi Reynolds, Ben Vizzachero, Matthias Bell and Ryan McWilliams. With varied styles, each musician graced the “stage” bringing something unique to the night.

“I liked the range of music selections and the fact that they were so varied you’d go from hearing ‘Hurt’ by Johnny Cash to hearing Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours.’ It was cool,” states senior Veronica Vasquez. This sentiment was shared by many. The song selection varied greatly; Mumford and Sons, Cee-lo Green, and Taio Cruz were all covered at the event.

Senior Robert Christoph had a lot to say about the event. He showed much enthusiasm when talking about the night. “Well, I thought that Matthias’ song choices were boring, but the voice, it was amazing, like an angel. It was spectacular,” he joked. “I did think it was fun,” he added. Robert, along with many other students in attendance seemed to think that the event was a success. Senior Julie Sheridan said “I went to coffee house because I love going to school events like that with all of our friends and seeing the talent that some of the people in school have.”
That is just what the night did. It brought the students together and brought back a Springfield tradition. Springfield Unplugged was a success!

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