A Word From the SHS Swimmers

Posted on March 2, 2011


Maya Sabin / Features


The success of the Spartan swim team is something worth recognizing. With an almost flawless record, the team has multiple members going to districts. I wanted to get into the mind of these winning machines – so here is a Q and A that will give you a deeper look into what propels into the swim team.

Q: What makes the swim team so strong?
A: “I’d say it’s because we are training together sometimes 9 times a week. When you spend that much time with each other you get a strong team mentality.”-Harrison Lynch
Q: What are practices like?
A: “Practice depends on whether or not we are swimming for three hours, lifting for an hour, [or] …swimming for two hours. But we swim anywhere from 7-9 thousand-ish yards a day.” – Ben Mancini
Q: What accomplishments has the team set as goals, or made already?
A: “Well, we have only lost one meet this season and were looking to win our third district title in a row this year!” – Chris McTear
Q: How do you feel about practice?
A: “Well, practices are awful, but its a sport that forces you to work hard, and in the end it pays off. Swimming makes you find what makes yourself.”- Brigid Clark
Q: What accomplishments have you personally had this year?
A: “An accomplishment I’ve made this season was making districts for the first time!”- Mariel Mancini
A: “This year I qualified for districts in the 200 yard freestyle and the 500 yard freestyle, but I also have learned to work really hard.” – Michaela Fallon
Q: What was the league change like for the team?
A: “The league change hurt us. We weren’t able to swim teams like Radnor and Upper Dublin, which used to be our two biggest dual meets. Switching leagues also prevented us from swimming at the Suburban 1 League Champs, which makes qualifying for districts harder.” -Harrison Lynch
Q: What is it like being on the team?
A: “Because I am on the team I automatically have 20 great friends in school. It’s so much fun to hang out with the girls in the locker room and in the pool. I have also learned a lot about working hard and doing well but also cheering for your teammates because swimming really is a team sport and you need your team mates support to make it such a great sport.”- Michaela Fallon

A: “I swim because of the team. The sport is what got me and everyone else to start on the swim team, but the members of the team are why we all truly enjoy it. As weird as it may sound, staring at a blue line for three hours is not as pleasing as it sounds so there needs to be some other reasons to swim, and our swim team members are those reasons.” – Billy Riley

Q: What does swimming mean to you?
A: “Swimming means a lot to not only myself, but the rest of the team. It is a HUGE commitment and with so much time and effort put into it, we all care. But there are some instances where we do not get the times we want or we don’t win and we get upset. That’s when we have to sit and think and remember that swimming is not everything.” – Billy Riley

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