Start the New Year Off Right

Posted on January 14, 2011


Rafiat Kasumu / Commentary

The New Year is here and although we all happily celebrated its coming, we were again reminded of our forgotten 2010 New Year resolutions. Whether you only scratched off the first few resolutions from your 2010 list or are still trying to find it, the New Year’s approach signifies a time for self-reflection and new efforts of improve upon oneself and one’s community. Although a New Year’s resolution can be defined as an internal commitment that an individual makes to accomplish a certain end or goal, the latest statistics reveal that 97% of New Year resolutions are not fulfilled. This means that only 3% of resolutions are actually completed prior to the beginning of the next year!

But don’t let this simple survey get you down. Although this may seem exaggerated, when one scrutinizes that statistic, it does not seem that too far-fetched. Think about it. Did you complete all of the New Year resolutions? I know I didn’t. Although the majority of individuals fail to actually complete their personal goals, the goals of those individuals were more idealistic than realistic. This shows that the more reasonable your goals, the greater chance that they will be met. Now, here comes the hard part; deciding what your New Year’s resolutions lists should include. If you are in desperate need of ideas, here are a few easy and sensible resolutions that I encourage you to consider:

  1. Fix that clutter! Organization is important. Try to clean out that messy locker that you said you would do weeks ago. Better yet, clean your room or the back of the closet in desperate need of attention. If you are not ready to do this, take baby steps and start off with organizing your binders for each class. Something as easy as this can surprisingly make your life a lot easier and less hectic.
  1. Work harder in school. Try to improve your grades in school not just for your parents, but for yourself. If you need help, there are a variety of resources available to you; the librarians are always willing to help you and the National Honors Society holds tutoring from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM each Wednesday in the high school library. Do not neglect your best resource! Go to your teacher before or after school for extra assistance regarding anything you do not understand.
  1. Exercise. If you play a sport or are taking a gym class, you are already covered. If not, there are easy things you can do. Take your dog for a walk or quickly jog around your neighborhood. These small changes to your routines can actually improve your physical fitness.
  1. Give back to your community. You can volunteer in your community in a variety of ways. Shelve books at your local library to shelve books, read to children at a daycare center, or help out at a homeless shelter. If you want to do something more, try fundraising for an international issue like the eradication of child labor, run an event to find a cure for a deadly disease, or collect clothing items to give the less fortunate children in poverty-stricken countries. Remember, giving is better than receiving!
  1. Learn something new. Here is your chance to take the kick boxing class or learn how to play that new game. Try to learn something new this year, whether it is big or small. Whatever it is, try to leave this year with more knowledge than you had the previous year.
  1. Start or make something. New Year’s resolutions do not necessarily have to revolve around internal improvement. This is the perfect time to channel your energy into creating, starting or making something. You could start starting that school club you always wanted or create a mural or painting that you could leave in the school for years to come. What ever it is, try to leave a good impression in your community.
  1. Spend time with your family. Show your appreciation for both your nuclear and extended family this year by going to or planning events you will all enjoy!
  1. Try not to procrastinate. This resolution may by hard, but practice makes perfect! Promise yourself that you’ll only be on your Facebook, Twitter, Form spring, and or Tumbler for a certain amount of time each weekday. If you do this, you will find the time you need to complete you homework assignments and your New Year resolutions.
  1. Eat healthy. This may sound hard, but it is really simple. Promise yourself that you will not go to fast food restaurants and pack a bag of carrots in you lunch instead of that bag of potato chips. It is the simple, positive changes that you can make to your diet that will have the most drastic effects to your health in the long run.

10.  Finish some of your old resolutions! If you have run out of ideas for your New Year’s resolution, now is the time to catch up on your old ones! So, find that list that is buried at the bottom of your drawer and pick out the resolutions that are realistic enough for you to accomplish this year.

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