Student Body Falls Short of Fundraising Goals

Posted on January 13, 2011


Bridget Shanks / Commentary

Canned goods. We all have them somewhere in our kitchen cupboard. So why couldn’t Springfield collect enough to satisfy Interact’s 500 can goal? When you ask someone about the canned good drive they may say that they didn’t know about it. This simply cannot suffice as an explanation; Interact members worked tirelessly to encourage students to bring in cans. The club also created a campaign to help solicit student involvement. Five teachers;  Mr. Gershman, Mrs. Kent, Dr. Smith, Mr. Taylor, and Mrs. Zehner all agreed to take a pie to the face if students donated the greatest number of cans in their name.  Hoping to spark student interest, Interact members worked endlessly to promote this drive in order to provide food for the hungry in the region.  Unfortunately, in the end, only about 300 cans were collected. Although this seems like a valiant campaign, Springfield should have raised more considering the length of the fundraiser and the enticing opportunity offered by Interact. Springfield students should think twice when opening their cupboards this Holiday season. That can of tomato soup could have brought smiles and a meal to a family in need and a pie in the face for Mrs. Zehner.

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