Wierd and Wonderful Winter Sports

Posted on December 15, 2010


Mary Jane Moyer Fittipaldi / Sports

  1. Ice Sailing– Was used to transport goods across the frozen water over 300 years ago. Now it’s extremely popular in Northern Europe and Russia. Sail boats are mounted on skates and can reach up to 100 miles per hour.  These modified boats are used as transportation and for leisure activities.
  2. Blade Running– A combination of sky diving and slalom skiing, that consists of jumping out of a plane 3,000 feet above a downhill ski run. They release their parachute and try to dodge a course of “blades”, 10-foot-tall banners. They must pass a portion of their bodies below the top of each gate without touching the ground to be successful.  Gates are two blades put directly across from each other.
  3. Shovel Racing– Started in the Seventies by ski lift operators who wanted a quick and easy way to get down the hill once the lifts were closed.  They use modified shovels to slide down the mountain at an excess of 60 miles per hour.
  4. Polar Bear Plunge-This activity brings thousands of people across the country to jump in frigid lakes and oceans in the middle of winter. Most people last only a few seconds, but many will deal with the freezing water just to say they survived the polar bear plunge.
  5. Ice Dancing– Close to pair skating combined with figure skating , but ice dancing requires that music has a recognizable beat or rhythm. Then dancers skate to that beat. They have set movements they have to perform and then choreograph the rest of the dance.
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