Students Explore Books at Springfield’s New Book Club

Posted on December 9, 2010


The STHS Book Club began its year with an allegorical graphic novel by Art Speigelman

Lauren McCuen / Features

This year, Springfield’s activity scene has a new organization in its midst; look out for the Springfield Book Club! Under the supervision of our popular librarian Dr. Valenza, students will meet the first Wednesday of every month to discuss the “book of the month”. Amber Eustace, the sophomore who is responsible for organizing this new forum, expects that it will be a “kind of open place where people who like literature, or reading, or even just like writing, can go and talk about what they liked or didn’t like about books without being ignored or laughed at.” The club had a table at the Activities Fair where students could get more information about the first meeting, held on October 6, 2010 in the library. At the fair there was a submissions box to submit ideas for the first month’s genre of choice. The overwhelming favorite was historical fiction however “vikings” came in a close second. From this genre, members chose to read Maus 2 by Art Spiegleman at the first meeting .

The club will pick a new genre every month and members will vote on the next month’s book at each meeting. The first meeting was mostly informational while the subsequent meetings will be used to discuss the “book of the month”. The group strives to create an engaging forum in which students will be able to have in-depth conversations on a variety of pieces of literature. Eustace says, “I want it to be intelligent and well thought-out but not stuffy…[for] students to be able express [their] thoughts without writing an essay and researching literary concepts.”Members hope to eventually expand the reach of the club to be able to speak with different authors and hold different literature related events.

Meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of every month from 7:00 -9:00 P.M. in the high school library. Sophomore Amber Eustace reminds students that “there will be snacks at all meetings!” For more information, students can speak with the club advisor Dr. Valenza or Amber Eustace.

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