Freshman Tennis Player Keeps Her Head in the Game

Posted on December 9, 2010


Cristina Kaiser, excited about her success

MaryJane Moyer Fittipaldi / Sports

Cristina Kaiser, a current freshman on Springfield Township High School’s Girl’s Tennis team, is determined to make a name for herself. Although she is new to the high school, coming from St. Genevieve’s, she has already made an impact and shown everyone what she’s made of. Defeating all of her opponents thus far, she made it to States. She’s only a freshman, but she doesn’t let her age bring her down. “I don’t really look at my age or being a freshman,” says Kaiser,“I just think of all my hard work I have done to have get this far. I do feel successful but I don’t think of myself, I think of a team of players helping me through my hard work.”

She not only has a positive attitude on the court but, she makes tennis look easy. According to Senior, Veronica Vasquez. “She’s always positive. She makes a game seem like what it is; just a game. But even though each of her games counts, she never lets the pressure get to her. And she does make tennis look easy. It’s as if it’s as easy as just swinging a tennis racket around with no aim.” Vasquez wasn’t the only teammate with good words to say about her. All of her fellow teammates praise her loving and sweet personality, her extensive love of food, and how she has no problem singing songs without shame.

Hopefully her hard work will pay off, so she can realize her ultimate goal of winning states. Even if she doesn’t win, she would still be happy for playing well, and making it as far as she did.  Her love of tennis combined with her talent is a combination no one wants to mess with. Unfortunately, we`re losing this great athlete as she moves on to P.W. We wish her the best of luck as she furthers her tennis career.


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