Erdenheim Gets a Face-lift

Posted on December 9, 2010


The framework for the state of the art library went up over the Summer

Nathan Kosmin / News

From the restructuring of the grades to the cafeteria food, this new school year brings more changes with it than any in recent memory. One of the most noticeable changes is the completion of the new Erdenheim Elementary School. The two-year, $23 million construction project culminated this September with the opening of the school, which will host second through fifth grade. Students got their first look at the renovated building at the open house on September 2, 2010.

The building brings Erdenheim to the same level as the rest of the district’s schools. The two-story building features a full-sized gym, a large library, air conditioning, and considerably more space – second only to the High School in size. The floor plan organizes students by grade level while providing group instructional areas outside of the classroom. The school has also received a technological update, with smart boards and projectors in every classroom as well as numerous Computers on Wheels laptop carts. A new playground was completed in mid-October. As many former Erdenheim students will be happy to hear, the new building removes the pest problems Erdenheim has struggled with in the past. (Anybody remember the termites?)

Even after just one week in the new building, the majority of students were thrilled by the changes. Most students commented on the new gym, the library, and the overall size of the building. “It’s giant and it’s fun,” says fourth grader Julian Brown. Hannah Dowling, another fourth grader, calls it a “future school.” “I think the new school is so much better than the old school,” enthuses fifth grader Ellie Hamilton. “It’s beautiful, it’s clean, it’s bright, it’s cheery, there’s lots of windows, and I love the air conditioning,” says fourth grade teacher Mrs. Stefano. Some students who attended the old Erdenheim Elementary are less than thrilled by the new school. Fifth grader Stella Estoc says she doesn’t like it as much “because the other school had memories and it was the school I went to kindergarten in.”

Construction on the updated Erdenheim building was completed this October. The renovation makes Erdenheim Elementary one of the most technologically advanced elementary schools in the area, bringing the campus full circle from 50 years ago. “When the old Erdenheim was new, it was one of the most advanced schools in the state,” recalls fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Duckwitz. “Now I hear this new Erdenheim, 50 years later, is just state-of-the-art…and I am honored to be able to teach in this beautiful new school.”

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