5 Ways to Prepare for Mr. Potter

Posted on November 19, 2010


Five ways to prepare for the release of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows:Part One!
  1. Get into character. Go in your closet, get your broom, go outside and stay there until you levitate at least five feet off the ground. Experience the lifestyle!
  2. Take different online quizzes.Test which Harry Potter character you are, or how well you know the characters. How much of a Hogwarts know-it-all are you?
  3. Show your love for Quidditch! Go outside and play a match with your friends. Not only is it a good way to prepare for the movie, but you can also get out your rage as a beater. If you’re not the best at Quidditch, you could always paint your body the colors of your favorite Quidditch team.
  4. Invite your friends over for a Harry Potter movie marathon. Don’t forget to tell them to wear their Harry Potter glasses and wizard robes. Speak in British accents.
  5. If the excitement is too much for you to handle, lock yourself in your room, turn off all the lights, and stay there until the release on November 19. That way you will be rested and prepared for the movie.
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