Top three school photo poses

Posted on September 29, 2010


Every year, school students across the country line up, single-file, waiting for their turn to partake in the annual school photo tradition.

And no matter who you are, you’ve been subject to shifting your body in some awkward pose according to the whims of photographer.

One of the most common poses is The Cherub.  With hands neatly tucked, a student can take a few moments to celebrate the five- minute break from class.

With hands delicately placed upon one another, The Cherub, is a popular pose.

Another favorite, The Patiently Waiting, ranks as the most uncomfortable pose with high school students.  With one hand on each thigh, the student feels out of form and vulnerable.

'Patiently Waiting' is not only a pose, but a state of mind.

Although awkward, ‘The ‘Harumph‘, afford the student to truly reveal how she feels about having to take another school photo.

If posed in 'The Harumph', make sure to smile, no matter how much it goes against your true feelings.

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